Tips To Block Bing Pop Ups In Firefox

When you are browsing the web, suddenly in another window, advertisements can be seen and these advertisements are known as pop-ups. When the pop ups pile up window after another, it really affects your browsing experience. However, a majority of the latest advanced browsers like the Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc have good pop up blocking features. In the Firefox web browser, sometimes, Bing pop ups can be seen. In the browser, if you no longer want to see the presence of Bing pop ups, the popup blocker has to be turned on. Many may not know how to do this procedure; this can be effectively done by following the below mentioned guidelines.

  • By softly pushing the power button present on the CPU, the computer should be powered on. After a small interval of time, the desktop will be visible. 
  • The Mozilla Firefox web browser has to be accessed. In order to launch it, the desktop shortcut icon must be double clicked or from the Start menu, the program’s icon can be accessed. Click on the Start button located at the extreme left of the taskbar and the Start menu will pop up on screen. Tapping on the Windows key in the keyboard can also make the Start menu appear. 
  • When the browser window appears, at the upper part of the window, different menus can be seen and one of them will be the Tools menu. Click on the Tools menu. 
  • From the menu, click on Options and the Options menu window will appear on screen. 
  • A check box can be seen beside Block Pop-Up Windows. The check box corresponding to Block Pop-Up Windows should be check marked. 
  • In the lower part of the Options menu window, the OK button can be seen and it should be clicked and the options window will close. The changes that were made will now come into effect. 
  • The Bing pop ups will now be blocked by the Firefox web browser and they will no longer be present when you browse the web to disturb your browsing experience. 
By following the above-mentioned guidelines, the Bing pop ups can be blocked with ease. If you require any help or troubleshooting tips, you may contact our customer support center. Our customer support center will provide the best help that you may require.
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