Recovering A Forgotten Email ID And Password

To err is human. The same is the case to forget the username or password of your email account. Sometimes, there is a chance where you will be forget both the username and password. However, such forgotten email IDs and passwords can be recovered easily by following the Windows tech support guidelines provided below.

Recovering the Username
  • Open the email program that you are using in your computer and under the Sign In field, you will see a link for recovering a lost email address and password. Depending upon the email program that you are using, the title of the link can vary. In Gmail service, this option is seen as Can't access your account? Whereas in Yahoo mail, it is I can't access my account. Clicking any of the links will help you to recover the lost email ID and password.
  • Retrieve your lost email ID by selecting the correct option. In Gmail, users need to click the option called I forgot my username, whereas the Yahoo users need to click the option called I forgot my Yahoo! ID.
  • Now, it is necessary for you to provide the alternate email address that you had provided during the sign up process. Other information like country of residence, Zip code and the date of birth should be entered as well.
  • Now, you need to sign in to the alternate email address and check for the recovery message in your Inbox. Check the user name by opening the account recovery message. If you cannot find your username in it, then you will find a link for the same. Use this link to recover your lost or forgotten username.
Resetting the password 
  • Start the resetting procedure by clicking the link under the log in fields seen in the log in page of your email service provider. It is different for different email service providers. In Hotmail, it is labeled as Forgot your password and in BigString, it is labeled as Trouble signing in? Retrieve your forgotten password by appropriately clicking the correct link. 
  • Enter your User ID of your email followed by tapping the Enter key using your keyboard. Now, your email provider will send a message automatically to the alternate email address that you have provided during the log in process. 
  • Next, sign in to the alternate email address and select the recovery message sent from the email service provider. Reset the password by following the directions seen in the message. 
The above said instructions will help you in recovering your lost email ID and password. For further assistance, contact the Windows tech support team.
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