Firefox Aurora 26 Comes With Windows 8 Touch-Friendly Apps

Mozilla has just released the Firefox Beta 25.0b1 and Aurora 26.0a2 versions of the browser. The Beta version does not have much noteworthy features to discuss about, whereas the Aurora alpha release has a good number of features. The most important thing among these is the support for running the Firefox web browser in the modern user interface. Firefox Aurora marks the first appearance of Mozilla’s Windows 8 touch optimized applications in the alpha make; previously it was only available as a standalone alpha release.

If you wish to see the new application in action, you will have to set Aurora as the default web browser while installing it. You will be able to install Firefox Aurora alongside any existing build. This will give users the option to switch back to the old version. The new user interface has a start screen that is tile based and it supports Firefox Sync, Windows 8 touch and swipe gestures, Windows Share integration, Snapped and Fill views. This was confirmed after contacting the Windows support number.

Mozilla team points out that this build is still a preview and has a number of bugs in it. With this in mind, it is still not certain whether the Modern UI app will migrate with the Firefox 26 to the Beta build in the time of six weeks. There are many more to be happy with the Firefox Aurora on the desktop front. All plug-ins (except Flash plug-ins) are now made default to click –to –play. This means that the users will have to manually approve their use, the very first time a plug-in is started.

The Firefox Aurora also allows its users to run more than one application at a time with the Firefox Social API. In the current version, users have to switch between them. The new features also include support for multiple notifications and chat. Another improvement is that the password manager now supports script-generated fields for password. Also added is the support for H.264 on Linux with the proper gstreamer plug-ins and MP3 decoding is also supported now in the Windows XP to offer complete support across all the builds of the Windows operating system. There are many new developer enhancements and fixes too in the new version.

If you wish to know more on the features and functionalities of the Firefox Aurora 26 and its installation on Windows devices, you can contact the Windows support team for assistance.
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