About The Windows 8.1 Upgrade Procedure

Microsoft allows the Windows 8 users to upgrade to the latest OS - Windows 8.1 - free. For them, the upgrade consists of downloading the Windows 8.1 update files and then installing them. On a single computer, the upgrade process is simple. However, if you are planning to upgrade multiple computers to Windows 8.1, you may need to look for an alternative. If you are in such a concern, reading this article would help you out.

According to the Microsoft tech support website, the Windows 8 users can download the 2 GB sized Windows 8.1 update files from Windows Store and install it to start using their machine in the latest platform. Apparently, the Redmond based software giant is aware of the complaints many have expressed when they found Windows 8 did not have many of the traditional features. Now, the company does not want to trouble them any more with a complicated update procedure. Michael Niehaus, the senior product market manager at Microsoft claims that the upgrade procedure takes less than 15 minutes for users with a good network speed.

How to upgrade to Windows 8 on the multiple systems in your organisation
Microsoft has simplified the upgrade procedure for big organizations and corporates. They are required to download the update from the respective Microsoft page and install it with the help of the system management tools in their system.

Windows 8.1 - a brand new operating system

If you thought that Windows 8.1 is just an update to Windows 8, you are mistaken. Although the tech giant has released it as an update to Windows 8, it is almost a brand new operating system with several modern features. However, the current Windows 8 users can retain all their system settings and data without any changes while upgrading to the new OS.

About the upgrade requirements

Well, if you have decided to upgrade your Windows 8 machine to Windows 8.1, you need to know about the requirements for the process. Microsoft requires the users need to allot at least 10 GB free space in their hard disk for the upgrade to work well although the actual requirement for the installation of the update files is only 3GB. The free space requirements vary depending on the type of computing device you are using.

Tired of your outdated Windows operating system? It is time to try the latest Windows operating systems. For more details about the upgrade process, visit the how to upgrade to Windows 8 help forum.
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