Have You Exceeded The Size Limit In Express?

Are you experiencing some problems with Outlook Express? May be you should check whether your .DBX file size for any folder has exceeded its 2 GB limit. Outlook Express stores every email in a special file that has the .DBX extension. This file extension is available for every folder in your mail accounts, i.e. your Inbox folder has its own Inbox.dbx file, while Outbox has a separate one for itself. However, all these files have a 2GB capacity, which can easily surpassed if mails with attachment like images, documents, music and videos are commonly sent.
On reaching the 2 GB limit you are prevented from further placing messages, which unfortunately cannot be deleted to reduce folder size. This situation is very annoying and can only be fixed in two ways:
  • Wipe out an entire DBX file and then recreate a new file, which is empty. This action destroys all messages in the file, so it cannot be retrieved.
  • Repair your Outlook Express folder employing special tools.
The first option is simple to execute but involves deleting all messages that may be important. So it is advisable to follow through with the second method. You can download the Repair tool for Outlook Express to perform this action.

How to employ the Repair tool for Outlook Express?
  • After downloading the Repair tool for Outlook Express, use the same to extract messages from Express folders to the Windows folder.
  • Select the file you wish to delete. An empty version of that file will be regenerated when you start the Express application again. To locate these files first click on Tools and then select Options. Now click on the Maintenance option where you will find the Store Folder option. Click it to find the location of these files.
  • Import your messages into the Outlook Express folder from the Windows folder. Drag files slowly and not altogether, to avoid exceeding 2 GB limit again. Drag about half the messages into the Outlook Express folder, then delete the unnecessary ones. Once this is done you can drag the remaining messages and do the same operation.
If you encounter problems in deleting the messages, check up on Outlook Express help to sort out your difficulties. Exceeding the 2GB size can often cause serious issues, and so it is advisable to update the message folders and delete unnecessary messages like spam, ads etc. periodically. Outlook Express help is tool which helps you recognize these issues and provides suggestions to resolve them.
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