Fix Problems With Your Microsoft Mouse Device

I am sure that many of you might have faced some or other kind of problems while using a computer mouse device. It is quite annoying to have a faulty mouse connected to your computer, as it is something that you use quite often.
Unsteady movement of the mouse pointer, faulty switches etc. are some common problems associated with the mouse device. Troubles like these can happen any time and hence you should know some basic troubleshooting steps to help deal with the situation. Try the following instructions provided by the Microsoft Solution Center, to fix these Microsoft problems related to your mouse.

Instructions for troubleshooting Microsoft mouse
  • Click the Start button and select the Run command. 
  • Type sysdm.cpl in the Run command box. Then click the OK button.
  • This will bring up the System Properties window. Form the System Properties window, click on the Hardware tab and then select the option Device Manager.
  • The Device Manager tab will display the entire list of devices connected to your computer. From the list of devices, locate the option Mice and other pointing devices and click on it to expand the node. 
  • Under this node, you will find the name of your active mouse device connected to your computer. Once you locate your mouse device, right-click on it to select the option Properties from the popup menu. 
  • From the Properties dialog box, click on the General tab and select the option Troubleshoot.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to proceed with the troubleshooting steps. This process lets you walk through the instructions to help fix the issue associated with your mouse device. Many of the common issues associated with the mouse can easily be fixed if you follow these instructions correctly. 
Even after performing these troubleshooting steps if you still have the same problem, you might have to look for other methods to fix the problem.
If your mouse is a plug and play device, you can download the Microsoft Fix-it USB Troubleshooting Tool from the Microsoft website. After you have installed this in your computer, run this repair tool to fix the issue. Follow the onscreen instructions to perform the troubleshooting process.
While troubleshooting, it is important to know whether the problem is due to some hardware fault or some driver issue. If it is some driver related Microsoft problems, you may contact the Microsoft Support Center to get more assistance on this.
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