Fix Error 1316 In Windows 7

Window 7 is the predecessor of the Windows 8 operating system that was released last year. Most of the features present in Windows 8 OS were first introduced in the Windows 7 operating system. Windows 7 is a secure operating system with strong tools and features that work together against security threats and other errors. However, sometimes we do experience minor errors in the operating system- Error Code 1316 is one of those. It occurs during the installation of a program and it can be easily corrected by following any one of the following methods recommended by the Windows tech support team.
Before going to the solution of this error, first let us know what this error is. Error Code 1316 occurs when the system receives an installation related error. This error is best described in the Microsoft Developers Network website as; the code appears when a network error occurs while attempting to read from a network file.
The Windows tech support team provides you with two situations in which this error may occur. The first one is when the program fails to install properly on the system. This error occurs when one mistakenly inserts the Disc 2 of the installation file in the optical drive rather than inserting the Disc 1 CD, such that the installation could not be conducted as planned. The second cause for this error is the corruption of the .NET framework. If some file in the .NET framework is missing, then the program will not work properly and will produce the error code 1316.
Based on the cause of the error, you can find different solutions for troubleshooting the error. One of the best solutions is to cancel the installation process, remove all the files, and then restart the computer by clicking on the Start button and then selecting the Shutdown button. Now you will see a small window open, in this window, click on the Restart button. Now start the installation again by inserting the correct disk in the drive. However, for making a full installation, install the Data.msl file after installing the CD.
If the problem is of .NET framework, then go to the Microsoft website to search for the latest version of the .NET framework and then download the version by clicking on the concerned link. When the download is finished, launch the installation and restart your computer.
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