Different Methods To Recover Deleted Email Addresses

Every email message you receive in your email account comes with the sender’s email address and you can add these important and frequently used addresses to your contact. This makes it easy to access the contacts every time you send email and it saves a good amount of your time too.
However, there is a possibility that the email addresses you have saved might go missing for some reasons or you may accidently delete them. Virus infection or account inactivity can also result in losing your email contacts. If your account is inactive for more than 30 days, you are then most likely to lose your email contacts. You can easily recover the deleted Outlook email addresses by following the steps outlined by the Outlook help desk team.

Recovery after virus infection
  • The virus can be removed by using an effective anti-virus program and anti-spyware program to scan the system. Lost email addresses may appear once the virus infection is removed.
  • Approach the tech support service of your POP3 or server based client email with your problem. Explain the reason for your deleted contacts and they can help restore the addresses.
Recovery after accidental deletion
  • In case you have deleted the email addresses by accident, you can use a contact recovery program to get back the contacts. All you need to do is get the recommendation from the Internet provider for a program and run the recovery process.
  • Your email service tech support team will be able to help you recover the contacts by restoring your account. Contact the service for the assistance. 
  • You can also check the Sent folder, Inbox and Saved messages folders, and save the addresses available if the restoration process fails.
Recover addresses due to inactivity
  • Sometimes logging back again to your inactive email account will restore the email addresses. Get assistance from the email service provider and check to see if they can help re-activate your account.
  • Access the technical support team from your email service provider and explain the reason why you did not log in for more than 30 days into your account. If you have visited within the specified time and still cannot access your contacts, better contact the support team and they will provide you with further assistance.
The best and most reliable solution is to approach the Outlook help desk service with the detailed information. Avail their help to successfully recover your deleted email addresses.
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