Microsoft Releases The Updated Windows 8 Requirements List

Microsoft and Intel take great care in adding new features to their systems. They recently released the new hardware requirements for the Windows 8 clients that would be introduced in 2014 and 2015. Microsoft officials were keen to talk about the new hardware features that were installed in Windows 8.1 and subsequent releases while addressing a session for the Microsoft Reseller Partners titled ‘How to talk to customers about Windows devices’.

For making better devices for the modern security and connectivity with the Windows 8 requirements, Microsoft is now working closely with OEMs for development of a new touch-enabled, lighter, thinner and faster device with longer battery life to be available in market soon. By the end of this year, all these machines would be upgraded with the windows 8.1 version. It would also include the support for NFC and biometric authentication along with new portrait-mode enhancements; and InstantGo, which allows the devices to start up instantly and thus keeping all the apps up to date.

Windows has now made it essential that certified Windows systems would be required to have the Bluetooth on all devices with Wi-Fi and front-facing 720p webcams by January 2014. It is also necessary that there must be higher fidelity audio requirements for all the speakers and microphones that are connected to the systems. Apart from this, from January 2015 the Windows device has to be installed with, TPM 2.0. TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module a specification that helps in the implementation of cryptoprocessor. Microsoft has provided many updates about the Windows 8 requirements. The Windows 8 certification documentation that was released in the month of June will reflect these additional windows 8.1 2014 and 2015 requirements and mentions about these features.

It is stated by Microsoft that windows 8.1 would soon be the number one tablet in the business/enterprise space. Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner has admitted in his keynote address at WPC that the partner ecosystem was 18 to 24 months behind Microsoft with Windows 8. This has led to the lack of devices that were ready to take advantage of the touch UI and also some of the other new features in the operating system when it was launched in October 2012

These are the additions, which you can expect to see in the Windows 8 operating system in the future. For more information, contact our technical support.
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