Troubleshoot Windows Vista Update Issues

Windows Update helps to keep your computer up to date and utmost secure by downloading and installing the latest drivers and features. The Windows Update is offered free of cost by the Microsoft corporation. You may choose Windows Update to automatically download and install the latest updates on your computer without the intervention of the user or you may examine the updates first before installing the updates to your computer. Some of the updates come with an ‘Important’ tag, which means that these updates are very important for your computer and they help to keep your computer private, protected and even more secure.
By default, the Windows Update will run automatically but at times, it may not and troubleshooting Windows Update will help you to make your computer up to date again.

Steps To Fix The Update Issue Of Vista
  • Click on the Start button and type Windows update in the Start Search box and hit the Enter key. This will open the Windows Update window, which will show you the current update status.
  • From the left panel, click on View Update History. This will open the list of all the successful and failed updates in your computer together with the date of installation. 
  • Under the Status column, you will be able to find out the updates that failed to install. Right click on it to see a new window with the installation error code and the details of the installation failure.
  • Note down the error code.
  • In the Windows Update page with the installation error code, click on Get Help with this Error. This will open the Windows Help and Support window, which contains the error code and the suggestion to fix the error. Follow these instructions to fix the issue.
  • Type the error code that you have noted into the search box at top of the Windows Help and Support window, if Windows Vista was unable to provide you with a fix, hit the Enter button. Follow the steps provided in the next window to fix the issue.
If you did not receive any suggestion from Windows Vista, you may contact Microsoft Help and Support to fix the issue. To do this, click on ‘Ask Someone or Expand Your Search’ icon located on the top of Windows Help and Support window. You will get options to open chat support or to call an agent. You will get the links to Microsoft Help and Support guidelines in this page.
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