Tips For Fixing The Microsoft Word Table Of Contents Function Issue

You must have had the Table of Contents function in Microsoft Word help save time when you were creating a document. It carries out automatic indexing of your work and a directory is created, which appears at the beginning of your document. But sometimes, the Table of Contents does not function the way you might want it to. Many issues might be related to the function of updating and making sure that changes made in the original document are carried over into the Table of Contents. Here are some ways to tackle this problem.

How to Troubleshoot the Table of Contents
  • Go to the toolbar and right-click on any part of it and then select the Outlining option from the drop-down menu that displays it.
  • Choose the Update TOC option, which you will find under the Outlining toolbar whenever you add, delete or edit your document. If you neglect to do this, your changes will not show up on the Table of Contents.
  • Try and update multiple Tables of Contents within a single document, one at a time. Do this by clicking the mouse to position the insertion point inside each Table of Contents, and then clicking the Update TOC option, or pressing the F9 key.
  • Go to the Drawing layer of Word (parts like text boxes), and then move any headings from them and into the Text layer to make sure that they will be displayed in your Table of Contents.
After you’ve carried out the above detailed procedure, the changes that you make in the style of the headings in your document (such as putting text in bold, italics, or underlining it), will be shown in your Table of Contents. Usually, just the text marked as heading that forms the start of a paragraph will appear in the Table of Contents. If you want the text that is at the middle of a paragraph to be displayed in the table of contents, then you’ll have to press the key combination ALT + SHIFT + O and then follow the steps to create a new Table of Contents from the TC fields.
This is how you can make changes to the text that is part of a paragraph. For further Microsoft word help, you can get in touch with the support team online.
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