Using Nomadesk With Outlook

Outlook is a popular email client, mostly used as a productivity application in office environments. It is the best option when you require extensive mail handling or task scheduling. You can assign tasks, render schedules, send or receive messages with contacts on preset lists, etc with the email client application easily.

There are many add-ins for Outlook, which increase the efficiency and workability of this program. One class of these is helpdesk tools, which work in conjunction with Outlook to ensure the best user experience. One such Outlook help desk plugin is from Nomadesk, a file sync, sharing and storage service. This utility is installed in the email client automatically with the parent software installation on the computer.

This plugin eases sending of larger files as mail attachments. In the default setup, Nomadesk backs up the file to be sent, by synchronizing it to your Nomadesk storage known as FileLink. It then creates a link to the file that the recipient can use to access the file stored on FileLink. Here is how to send the file from Outlook.

  • Create a new message. Then, either drag-and-drop the file you want to send, or hit the Nomadesk FileLink button.
  • Choose which server to store the file on, and then confirm this by hitting OK.
  • You will now have a link to the file (which has been backed up online) in the message, instead of the file itself.
Changing the setting for Nomadesk
  • Start creating a new mail.
  • Find the Nomadesk add-in from the Quick Access Toolbar. Click on the arrow beneath the FileLink logo, and select Options.
  • Configure the setting the way you want.
This plugin from Nomadesk works only with Outlook 2007 or later, so if you want it to work, make sure you have upgraded to one of these versions. But, if you decide you really do not need the add-in for sending files, here is how to remove it.

How to remove the add-in
  • Select Tools from the toolbar at the top. From the dropdown, select Trust Center.
  • Now from the main menu, choose Add-ins.
  • When you are done, hit the Add-ins at the bottom, and this will show all installed add-ins.
  • In the list of add-ons, find Nomadesk.FileLink, and then deselect it to stop it working. Alternately, uninstall the add-in by hitting the Remove button.
That was how to remove the Outlook help desk add-in from Nomadesk. Call us if any of these procedures cause a hitch. Our tech support team is always ready to help you out.
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