Microsoft Getting Ready To Introduce Windows Live For iPhone

If you are using an iPhone and is longing to use Windows Live Messenger in your device, then here is good news for you. Microsoft has decided to introduce Windows Live Messenger for iPhone users. With this, iPhone users can now access their internet emails through the program and avoid the default email client in the device. According to Windows Live technical support, the new program has a user-friendly interface and can configure the settings with a few simple steps.

The beta release of the program is expected to come out next month and we might see the full version of the program by June. The interface of the email program resembles the one of the desktop version. This means, using the email program on the iPhone would not be much of a trouble for users who are already acquainted with the desktop version. Microsoft has also introduced many new features in the iPhone version of the program.

The program will feature photo sharing functions, social stream and chat facilities, according to Windows Live technical support. The new app is being launched as part of Microsoft’s plan to revamp Windows Live Messenger. We have already seen three other applications from Microsoft for iPhone. These include Seadragon Mobile, Bing and Tag Reader.

Seadragon Mobile helped iPhone users to browse through pictures and graphics on the device smoothly. With the use of Seadragon Mobile, one could view high-resolution pictures without much lags. It played an important role in quick browsing and decreasing the loading time. However, the application is no longer available for iPhone devices. Bing is the search engine program developed by Microsoft and is one of the best search engines in the world. The Bing application for iPhone allowed users to search the internet on any content quicker. Tag Reader, as the name suggests, is a tag reader application from the software giant. However, Microsoft has decided to terminate this service by 2015.

With some of the earlier launched Microsoft apps for iPhone disappearing, we are yet to find out the future of Windows Live Messenger. However, Microsoft is confident about the success of the Messenger program, as it is already one of the best email client programs in the world and numerous iPhone users like to make use of this email program on their devices. Now, if you are an iPhone user, you can soon expect the official announcement from Microsoft on the official release of the program.
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