Deactivating Passwords In Windows Vista

The login password is the password which is used to log into the computer after switching it on, or activating it after logging out. It is wise to keep a good and strong password on your systems, so that you can ensure your system will not be used inappropriately and without authorization.

However if you are the only one who uses the laptop then typing in your password each and every time would get slightly annoying. Luckily you can disable the password requirement in Windows Vista by accessing Advanced User Controls and changing the configuration. The process takes barely a few minutes and you can reactivate your login password anytime you want.

Instruction to remove logon password in Windows Vista
  • Click on the Start button, and type in Control Userpasswords2 in the Search box field. This will open up the User Accounts Control Panel window. You can also access this by clicking on Start, then select Control Panel and then choose User Accounts.
  • Choose your user name which will be listed under the heading Users For this Computer.
  • Now remove the tick mark in the box next to Users Must Enter A User Name And Password To Use This Computer. As soon as you clear this check box you will notice the Users For This Computer list becoming unavailable.
  • Enter your password once the Automatically Log On dialog box appears. Make sure that you type in the password correctly twice, once in Password and the second in Confirm Password text box. Once you have typed the passwords in both boxes click on Ok.
  • Restart your computer and you will get directly logged in and directed to your Windows Vista desktop.
Improve the security in your system by adding programs that detect malware, spyware and viruses. Installing anti-virus software on your system is a very good precautionary measure to safeguard your files and personal data. Also keep updating these programs as and when they are released to ensure better safety for your system.

If you have any issues with your Windows Vista operating system get help from the Windows tech support team. The Windows tech support team will provide systematic technical instructions to troubleshoot any problem you are facing on Windows Vista. Windows Vista is a powerful and sophisticated operating system that ensures data protection, easy to use features and many other utilities that keep your computer safe from viruses and malware.
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