Tips For Resolving 1603 Error During Live Messenger Installation

Facile and errorless communication is possible with Windows Live messenger. Easy installation of Windows Live messenger on your system is possible but some users may be able to witness a 1603 error. The 1603 error appears due to the installation being halted as a result of the anti-spyware program. You have to follow the below mentioned Windows Live technical support guidelines to resolve the issue and continue with the successful installation.

Steps to follow
  • Terminate any anti-spyware programs if they are currently active. If Windows defender is active, Right Click on the icon and choose the Shut down Microsoft Antispyware option. If there are other spyware programs running on your system, you have to terminate them also and for getting help on terminating the programs, you may view the manufacturer's documentation. 
  • If you are unable to find help with the documentation, you may ask your friends or any experts in handling computers for terminating the remaining spyware programs. 
  • Now download Windows Live messenger and access it again. If you are still able to view the 1603 error, you have to free up some space on your hard disk and this task can be done by accessing the Disk Cleanup utility. 
  • To do so, choose the Windows Start button and the Start menu will pop up on screen. From the menu, choose Control Panel. You will be able to view the Control Panel window. Select the option by the name Performance and Maintenance and choose Free Up Space on Your Hard Disk. The Disk Cleanup utility will appear on screen. 
  • A check box will be present beside the options Offline Files, Temporary Files, Temporary Offline Files, Downloaded Program Files and Temporary Internet Files. Put a check mark on the check boxes. Choose the OK button and the files in those locations will be deleted. To initiate the cleanup process, choose the Yes button. 
  • Now try to do the installation process. 
  • You can see that you will be able to perform the installation of Windows Live messenger successfully. 
  • After the installation and typing in the necessary credentials, you can easily start error free and facile communication with your relatives and friends utilizing Windows Live messenger. 
By adhering to the above-mentioned Windows Live technical support guidelines, you can easily troubleshoot the 1603 error that occurs during the installation of Windows Live messenger.
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