Microsoft To Replace Capacitive Buttons With Virtual Ones In Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft has proved that it is not only good at developing desktop operating systems, but also mobile operating systems. Most of the Windows Phone 8-powered mobile devices still continue to be sold like hot buns in the market. Ask any users of the Nokia Lumia 520 or Nokia Lumia 625 about their experience with the OS, and you will find that most are quite happy. Windows Phone 8.1, the latest update of Microsoft’s mobile OS, has brought about a number of user friendly changes. These improvements are certain to attract many new users to the Windows mobile OS.

Windows Phone 8.1 features

Some of the users of Windows Phone 8 found that the capacitive buttons in Windows Phone 8 devices made them look a bit conventional. They came to this conclusion after comparing Windows Phone devices with Android devices. None of the Android powered devices have capacitive buttons. They have virtual buttons instead. Microsoft has given due attention to this concern of users who contacted the Redmond via Windows support number. Windows Phone devices powered by Windows Phone 8.1 OS will not feature capacitive buttons. They will have virtual buttons instead.

Nokia, the major manufacturer of Windows Phone devices, has welcomed the decision to replace capacitive buttons with virtual buttons. After all it spares them having to build capacitive buttons into the body of the device.

The report about Microsoft’s decision to introduce virtual buttons in Windows Phone 8.1 powered devices was first made by the popular Twitter leaker @evleaks.

Virtual buttons in Windows Phone 8.1 are welcomed by OEMs

Microsoft’s decision to replace capacitive buttons with virtual buttons was first appreciated by OEMs as it would enable them switch between Android and Windows Phone 8.1 in their smartphone models.

Microsoft introduced virtual buttons on its Windows Phone devices for the first time in Nokia Lumia 800. However, the company modified the design later on in order to bring in capacitive buttons.

Microsoft announced lately that it would do everything to improve the user experience in Windows Phone devices. The decision to introduce virtual buttons in Windows Phone devices is part of its mission to improve user experience. Users could contact Microsoft expert via Windows support number for more information.
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