How To Edit Auto Archive Settings In Microsoft Outlook?

Outlook stores huge amount of data on behalf of various utilities it in, such as calendar, task manager, address book or emailing. Even for the emailing, there are multiple folders in the application, say Inbox, Outbox, Sent Box and Deleted folders. Unless you clear your mail folders on a regular basis, you will end up getting them exceeding the size limit which in turn will result in undesired Outlook problems like Outlook not responding. You could avoid such problems by making use of Outlook’s Auto Archive feature.

What is Auto Archive?

Auto Archive feature in Outlook will control Outlook folders from reaching the size limit. This feature ensures that only important items are stored in the mail folders. The items that you least use will be archived to other folders. Users are allowed to edit the Outlook setting in order to customize Auto Archive feature. Here are the steps.

  • Open your Outlook application and navigate to the Tools option which is located at the toolbar.
  • Select Options from the dropdown menu and press the tab titled Other.
  • Select Auto Archive from the resulting options and press the button which is located close to the option: Manage Mailbox Size by Deleting Old Items or Moving them to an Archive File and by Deleting Expired Items.
  • Now, specify how frequently you want to run the Auto Archive. For this, tick the checkbox close to the option Run Auto Archive Every (number) days. Make sure that the bracketed field is filled in with desired number.
  • Following that, specify whether you wish to be alerted every time when Auto Archive runs. To get alerted, select the checkbox before Prompt option. If you don’t want to receive alerts, leave the checkbox unselected.
  • Now, specify the items that need to be auto-archived. Go to the Auto Archive folder and view the items which are selected for Auto archiving and verify whether you want them in the list.
  • Save the changes you have made in the settings by clicking the Apply these settings to all folders now button.
  • Exit the Auto Archive window by pressing the OK button.
With the help of the above instructions, you have managed to edit your Outlook setting to customize Auto Archive feature in your Outlook application. Outlook allows you to customize the application in order to transform it into a more productive and user friendly application. Refer Outlook help forum for more tips.
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