Retrieving A Lost Windows Logon Password

I’m a school student and I own a desktop running the Windows Vista operating system. I created a security password for my computer to protect it from others. One day, when I was in urgent need, I was unable to log in to my desktop computer and I understood that the problem was with the password. However, by using some easy and simple instructions given by the Windows support team, I was able to retrieve it successfully. Do you have the same issue? If so, read the full article.

Retrieving a lost Windows Log on password

There is every chance where you happen to forget your Windows log on password. However, it is easy to get back the lost password, if you follow the easy steps that are given below. Even if you forget the password, it is possible to manage your computer using your administrator account. Once you enter in to the administrator account, you can easily change your password and once it is finished, you can log in to the account where you forgot the password.

  • Start the process by starting your Windows computer. When it boots up completely, you need to click the Windows Start button placed on the bottom left corner of your Windows desktop screen and you need to select the option labeled Control Panel. In the Search box that is seen on the top right, you need to enter user accounts, followed by pressing the key called Enter using your keyboard. Now, the desktop screen will display some utilities on your screen. From there, you need to click the link called User accounts.
  • From the list of options, you need to click the one-labeled Manage another account. Open a new password configuration window by clicking the option labeled Change Password.
  • In the first text box, you need to enter your password and in the text box named Confirmation, you need to repeat typing the password provided in the first text box. Confirm the changes that you have made by clicking the button labeled Change Password. Now, a new password is set for your Windows computer and you can easily log on and out using the new password that you provided.
The above said instructions given by the Windows support team will help you to retrieve the password of your Windows computer. To know more about this, contact the Windows support number.
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