Outlook Express Issues: Outlook Express Has Stopped Working

Microsoft is a multinational corporation involved in the creation, development, manufacturing and licensing of various computing products and services. Outlook Express is an email program, which is widely popular for its use for business as well as personal purposes. Outlook Express should not be mistaken with Microsoft Outlook, as the two are not much similar beyond than the name they share. Actually, both the applications have different databases.

Outlook Express was actually the native personal information manager for Windows 98 through Windows Server 2003. The thing with even the best software is that it can actually stop functioning the way it should actually function. Sometimes, completely stop functioning. At such times, instead of panicking you need to find out what caused the Outlook express problems. Outlook Express can appear to stop functioning properly if it encounters connection or power and, very uncommonly, system related issues. Let us see some of the common causes that result in Outlook express problems.

Connection Issues

This is probably one of the most common issues. If Outlook Express is not able to retrieve or send email as expected, then an Internet connectivity issue could be the actual cause. You can check that your computer is connected successfully to the Internet and then retry sending or receiving mail. Most of the times, this would resolve your problem.

Password Issues

Then comes another, pretty common problem that most people face – Password Problems. Lack of a password may actually prevent Outlook Express from successfully retrieving mail. This can happen when you have entered a wrong password also. The mistake can be because you have recently changed your mail password and not for your Outlook Express profile.

System Issues

This may be the least probable reason why your Outlook express is not functioning. If Outlook Express is refusing to load despite numerous attempts to launch, then it may be that the process is stuck. You would then need to open the Task Manager by pressing Control + Alt + Delete at the same time, and then selecting the Task Manager button. Then, under the Processes tab, search for any process labeled msimn.exe, and choose End Process. Once all the processes are ended, you can click on the Outlook Express shortcut once to open the application.

Thus, we have seen three of the most probable reasons why Outlook is not functioning properly on your computer. There might be other issues which you might want to consider, which you may get information on online from Outlook Express related articles in their official website or other tech sites.
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