Fixing The Microsoft Outlook Email Toolbar

The most popular email client ever released by Microsoft is Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft embedded this application as a part of Microsoft suite of applications, which comes pre installed with Windows operating systems. The basic interface of Outlook contains a menu; at the top of the screen, you will see the toolbars, on the left is the folder menu and on the right, you will see an expanded email message. Sometimes, there is a great chance that these toolbars will come across certain issues like a missing feature or a lost icon. However, these issues can be fixed very easily by using the correct Microsoft Outlook tools. Given below are some instructions to do this.

  • Identifying the problem or the issue is the first step that you should take while fixing the issue associated with Microsoft Outlook Email Toolbar. If you find anything wrong with the toolbar, it is advised to take screenshots of the program, make a comparison with the screenshots available in the internet and see what is wrong. Once the problem is identified correctly, then it becomes easy for you to fix it. For this, you can seek the help of Outlook's help files.
  • Buttons corresponding to the unused toolbar should be replaced with the one that you commonly use. This will make sure that the regularly used toolbar button will be there and you can easily access it. Adding a toolbar is easy. It can be accomplished by clicking the half-sized buttons with two arrows seen at the end of the toolbar. The buttons that are not included in the toolbar will be shown and you can select the button individually that you want in the main menu. 
  • Open the Microsoft application by expanding it. The part of the toolbar will be hidden, if Outlook is operated in a very small window. 
  • Check whether the toolbar is enabled or not. Enabling of a toolbar can be carried out by clicking the menu called View. To do this, go to the main menu and select the option called View, followed by clicking the option called Toolbars. To add the toolbars, check mark the box that does not have a check mark.
  • Check for any misplaced toolbars by searching in the Outlook toolbars. In addition, according to the user preference, a user can rearrange the toolbars in Outlook. Sometimes, another user will log on to the Outlook application and there is a great chance that he/she changes the toolbars. 
The above said tips will help you to fix the issues associated with the Microsoft Outlook Email Toolbar. To know more about Microsoft Outlook tools, contact the Microsoft support number.
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