Windows 8 Comes With A Feature To Combine Hard Disk Drives

If you have upgraded your operating system to Windows 8, you might already be familiar with its new features. Apart from the introduction of Metro apps, the operating system comes with numerous features. Windows 8 introduces the Charm bar, which you can find by navigating your mouse to the right end of your screen.

Other features include support for touch screen. With this feature, we would witness desktop computers that do not need keyboard or mouse. With the introduction of the new operating system, hardware manufacturers have started to release Windows 8 drivers for their devices like hard disks, printers, scanners etc.

Among the major features of Windows 8, you cannot miss out ‘Storage Spaces’. If your computer has many hard disk drives, this feature will enable you to combine these drives to one. This feature can either mirror data or combine physical data. With this new storage feature, users can enhance their hard disk storage capacity to an amount larger than what they actually have. When your storage memory becomes full, you can add another drive without configuration and make use of it.

The first step to create this space is to connect multiple drives to your computer. Keep in mind that if it is a system drive, you cannot use it for the storage purpose. However, you are free to use either internal hard drives or external hard drives. You can access the window for Storage Spaces by going to the ‘Start screen’ and then entering ‘Storage Spaces’ in the search field. Choose the option ‘Settings’. If you are creating a storage space for the first time, you will see the option to set up a new one. When you finish creating the storage space, you will receive details about it on the screen.

Next step is to configure the created storage space. For this, select the drives you wish to pool and start to configure the drives. You will receive a message on the maximum capacity that you have with the pooled devices. However, you can choose a larger size if you wish.

Keep in mind that the newly created space will look exactly the same as a normal drive. It has a single drive letter and you can start working on it just as you used to do with your hard drives. For additional assistance on Windows 8 storage space or Windows 8 drivers, you may contact our technical support team.
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