Resetting The Windows Live Password

Most of the users will be familiar with the Microsoft related terms Messenger, Hotmail and Xbox live. Majority of the users would have also made use of these Microsoft services. Well in order to access such Microsoft services, a Windows Live ID is required. If you have forgotten your Windows Live ID password, then you will not be able to gain access to the various services. However, by resetting the password, you can gain access to the services. By making use of the alternate email address or by following the security question procedure, the password can be reset. Follow the below provided Windows live help guidelines and in a few steps, you can easily reset the password.


  • Access the web browser that is installed in your system.
  • Go to the Windows live help center.
  • Get Help With A Forgotten Password option has to be clicked from the page.
  • I Forgot My Password option has to be selected. Choose the Reset Your Password link.
  • The Windows Live user name has to be inputted and in the characters box, the characters shown have to be entered. Make sure that you enter the correct characters. Now click the Next button.
  • By making use of the alternate email address, login to the alternate email address account. In your inbox, search and locate the email sent by Windows Live.
  • Open the email and the Reset Password link can be seen, click on it.
  • You are required to wait for 24 hours to make use of other password recovery options if the mail sent by Windows Live is not accessible.
  • If you have not provided an alternate email address, the secret question would have to be answered. The Next button has to be clicked and in order to rest the password, the new password has to be entered.
  • Now the password will be successfully reset and you will be able to gain access to Live Messenger, Xbox Live and Hotmail services.
  • Make sure that the new password you have entered is very strong and cannot be cracked by anyone. Also, make a note of the password and keep it in a safe location so that you can get hold of it if at all you accidently forget the password.

By following the above-mentioned Windows Live messenger guidelines, you can easily reset the Windows Live password. If you have any doubts in following the guidelines or require any additional support, you may contact our customer support center.
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