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Even though they are rivals in software market, many of Windows software applications are supported on Apple devices. However among the public the view is that Microsoft products are not very worthwhile on Apple devices, especially the Apple iPad. The market has loads of watered down versions of Microsoft Office that apparently wok on the iPad.

After years of failure, however it seems there is hope for iPad user who wish to avail Microsoft’s software products. Parallels have been able to design a new iPad app called Access, which that could eliminate all the previous issues. Apparently, after two years of tinkering about, Parallels have been able to design a touch sensitive interface, which can be mapped into keyboard and mouse to give something along the lines of the early iPad.

Users can launch the Access app on the iPads using Wi-Fi or 4G connections, and that allows remote access of their Mac or Windows computers which run a Parallels desktop agent. The touch gesture interface lets users access all their desktop software in an app form using Access.

Laura DiDio, principal at Information Technology Intelligence Consulting, commented, "The app is unique in that it customizes and optimizes—or 'applifies', a term Parallels coined—all of your desktop applications by enabling native tap and swipe-type gestures that will be an innovative intuitive experience for iPad users."

Reviews of Access beta version have been very positive, with many citing its speed over 4G as one of the most impressive features. You might have some issues with moving around graphics in Microsoft Office, which are slightly slow, but then again it is only the beta version, so this is not unexpected. Screen size problems are some other areas of concern, as some desktops applications require lots of space on-screen, despite a magnifying glass feature in Access.

Parallel claims that they had planned to ship out Access much earlier but then were delayed after the Apple developer website was hacked sometime in July. This issue bogged down the developer site for over a month, leading to the delay in the release of Access. You could get your hands on the free trial version from the App store before the $79.99 annual subscription kicks in. After you get the app on the iPad, make sure to get a Mac or Windows agent on your computer. The trial period will last for 14 days for Mac.

The Windows trial pack will remain free for several weeks as the Windows agent is still in its beta phase. Parallels notes that Windows may require some time, as Windows agent has to run on different hardware configurations.
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