Global Address List Feature In Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is a good instant messaging platform and many users still rely on it to manage their email messages. The Global Address List formerly called as Microsoft Exchange Global address Book is basically a directory service, which consists of a collection of address lists or address books within the exchange email system.  The Global Address List normally carries the information, which is useful for all Outlook users, exchange resources and distribution groups. You can refer this address book to select email addresses, names and distribution list while sending an email message.

Once you made a new entry in GAL, it will take 24 hours time to record the particular entry. Sometimes you may be missing latest entries; the incapability of Outlook to update automatically is the reason for such issues. In that case, you have to update your Microsoft Outlook manually.
If you have the latest version of Microsoft Outlook-Outlook 2011, then you need not manually update to view the address list, since Outlook 2011 has got a direct connection with the Global Address book all the way through LDAP connection. So it automatically updates the entries whenever you press the send or receive button.

Here in this article I wish to discuss the steps that you must follow for creating an Outlook Address book. The below instructions have worked for Microsoft Outlook 2007, and you can also use this method for  Microsoft Outlook 2003 edition, since the two are sharing some common features and functions.

How to view Global Address List in Microsoft Outlook?

  • First, launch the Microsoft Outlook application by double-clicking the Outlook icon on your Windows desktop screen.
  • On the left side of your home window, there exists a contact option. Select the particular option by clicking on it.
  • To view the entire contact list within your Microsoft Outlook program, select the shared contacts option located in the center box of your Outlook home window.
  • Once you get all your local contacts, hit on the Name button. This opens up a new dialogue box with a header. Select name: Global Address List.
  • Now, type asterisk (*) in the dialogue box and after that click the Go button next to it.
  • Now you will have your distribution list on your navigation pane.
  • By following these instructions you can easily view an Outlook Address book in Microsoft Outlook 2007. For more concerns regarding the same, please go through the FAQ’s in the Help & Support option. 

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