Using Windows Vista speech recognition software

How would it be when you can completely control the computer programs and even create documents without using the keyboard ever? It would be really amazing right, like a robot listening to your commands. This situation can come true with Windows Vista operating system, which has built in speech recognition ability. No extra software is required for using Windows Vista speech recognition program and it is as easy as simply plugging in and enabling it.

Here’s how the Windows Vista help team advices using Windows Vista speech recognition software.

Windows Vista Help instructions to use Vista speech recognition software

Plug in your microphone or headset into the computer. Ensure the microphone is working before configuring Windows Vista speech recognition software. Handheld or headset microphones are best as they eliminate noise caused by your computer.

Open "Volume Control" dialog and ensure microphone channel is not muted or set low.

Enable speech recognition. Start -> Control Panel and type "Speech" in the search box. From the results, Choose "Speech Recognition Options".

Start the Windows Vista speech recognition. To use the speech recognition software, Click on "Start Speech Recognition".

Configure your microphone. You will be taken to a wizard; just follow the on-screen directions to set up your microphone.

Use the tutorial. The "Start Speech Recognition" program will take you to the speech recognition tutorial after setting up your microphone. It is complex software and includes many features.

Click on "Train Your Computer to Better Understand You." it's important to train the computer when using speech recognition software to understand your voice. Further train the Vista voice recognition software, once you complete the first training page. The more you train, the better it will work.

Open the speech reference card. A dialog will open showing all extra commands and words that is understood by Windows Vista speech recognition software. For future use, Print this list or keep it on the screen until you memorize the frequent commands that you use.

Open the "Advanced Speech Options" dialog. A number of things like recognition profiles and language (dialect or accent) can be configured here. If you want the recognition software to understand you, selecting the correct language is crucial.

Once the software is configured, just dictate your work instead of typing.

That’s all the help you will need, thank you!

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