Personal Experience With Tech Support

I have contacted Tech Support services multiple times in the past and have always had a good experience with them. Over time, I have become proficient in using computers and rarely require technical support services anymore.

However, I still recommend the services to people who need them. Not only are all the Tech employees friendly and courteous, they always fix the issue, whether simple or complex, in the minimal possible time. Due to this reason, I trust them and have recommended them to my own parents, who still require professional assistance from time to time.

However, lately I have come across several different reports about active Tech Support scams. Mostly in review websites, people detail about all sorts of horrible experiences they have had with the tech support services. However, I still do not come across any issues with the quality of services and can personally vouch for the fact that the support services have not decreased in quality over time.

Judging from the experience that other users are having, it seems that certain users have experienced issues with the services from Tech Support scams, the third party services that are not connected to the genuine tech support service in any way possible. Many users detailed about receiving cold calls from Tech in which the support technician warned users about a virus in their computer and suggested giving control of your system to the support technician. Genuine Tech Support would never do so.

Rather than lose a lot of information or money, it is best to find the genuine tech service and contact them. Do not entertain any calls made by people from “Microsoft” or “Tech Support” who inform you about a virus in your system.  Moreover, whenever you contact a tech support service, check for signs of malicious behavior.

There is no reason to be afraid of Remote Access service as long as you are dealing with genuine tech support services. The entire process will be transparent at all times and you will be able to witness every change made to your computer. This way, the troubleshooting session will end in the minimal possible time. Besides, remote support is a lot cheaper than on-site support.

Once you experience true and genuine Tech Support, you would realize that the money you pay is worth the service rendered. When you pool in the time and effort you saved as well as the data-loss the professional tech support was able to prevent, you would agree that the service is priceless.
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