How To Speed Up Your Computer?

Your computer may be working slowly after long years of service. It may take much time for a program to open and execute. Computer slowness can be caused by a number of reasons and this article shares some of the suggestions from the tech support team that can help you to speed up your computer. If you know your way around your PC, you can follow the steps that are discussed below to speed up your computer. Else, you may contact the tech support team to get assistance on speeding up your PC.

Many people are referring to tech support as Tech Support ripoff, but in reality tech is a group of well-trained technicians who can help you to find solutions to any technical issue that you are facing.
  • In computer slowness, you can try disk cleanup tools like CCleaner. This tool will help the user to defragment the hard disk, thereby increasing the memory space that can be used. CCleaner is a great utility that can be used very easily. 
  • Another thing that you can try is to increase the virtual memory of the PC. The steps to increase the virtual memory of the PC are bit tricky and it will be good to seek help from the trained technicians to increase the virtual memory of your computer. 
  • Another suggestion is to increase the RAM if it low. You can upgrade the RAM of the computer if you find that the installed RAM is low. For this, you will have to buy new RAM module and will have to seek the help of a hardware technician to install it. 
  • Virus infection can also lead to computer slowness. Viruses inside your PC may be using all the available resources and other programs may not be getting any of the resources. This can lead to waiting and slowness of the PC. In such situations, you can run a full system scan of your PC with a reputed antivirus program to find and fix the viruses present in your computer. 
These are the suggestions from the tech support guides posted in the official website. After reading through the above suggestions, it may be clear that referring to tech support as Tech Support ripoff is not correct. If you wish to know more on these suggestions, you can contact the tech support team.
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