Using The Kinect Video Chat Option In Xbox 360

The best source for finding Xbox 360 support articles and instructions is obviously on the Tech support website. But, steer clear of the Tech Support ripoff websites that you might come across, while searching for Xbox 360 support online. There are many such Tech Support ripoff websites trying to allure customers using similar web addresses.

About the Kinect chat option in Xbox 360

Usually, for using the features and options of Xbox 360, you would not need any external tech support. The gaming console comes with a very comprehensive user manual that will come handy when you are exploring different features and options in it. However, those of you, who are not that tech savvy, might still need some assistance.

Take, for example, the Kinect motion-sensing device used in Xbox 360 console. Microsoft designed this tool as part of their efforts to boost the gaming experience with Xbox. This enables users to engage in gaming adventure with hand gestures and verbal commands.

The camera in the Kinect device can also be used as a webcam for starting a video chat session in your Xbox 360 console. The microphone in the Kinect device, designed to capture the voice commands, can be used as a substitute for your normal headset. In short, you do not need to connect any external device for a video chat in Xbox 360.

However, Microsoft restricts the video chat option to the Xbox 360 users to some extent. As you know, you should have an Xbox Live membership to use Xbox online. The Xbox Live community is actually open to all Xbox users for free, and you just have to sign up for the service by connecting the console to the internet. But, you will soon find that the video chat option is not available to free users. For this, you have to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold service.

If you already have an Xbox Live Gold membership though, then you can easily start a video chat session from the My Community menu in Xbox device. Microsoft recommends using a high-speed internet connection on both sides to enable a smooth video chat session without any snags or time delays. If you run into any problems while launching Kinect video chat, you can contact our tech support personnel on our helpline number, and we will help you out in the process.
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