Windows 8.1 Update 2 Does Not Bring Back Start Menu For The OS

When Microsoft released Windows 8, one of the major drawbacks of the operating system was the absence of the Start button and its inability to boot to the desktop window. Now, with Windows 8.1, Microsoft was quick to fix both these issues. We got back the traditional Start button and the operating system was made capable of loading into the desktop window. However, there was still no Start menu.

After Windows 8 transfer from an old operating system like Windows 7 and Windows XP, many people found it difficult to work with this futuristic operating system. One of the major reasons was that due to the absence of the Start menu, users could not easily navigate to different sections in the operating system. Many users expected that Microsoft would bring back the Start menu with the Windows 8.1 Update 2. However, the Start menu did not show up after installing the update. Now, most of the users expect the Start menu to be back with Windows 9. Windows 9 is expected to be released next year. It is codenamed Threshold.

The difficulty in using Windows 8 has cost Microsoft a lot. Even after the end of support for Windows XP operating system, the market share of Windows 8 did not go up as expected. One of the major reasons for the poor performance of the operating system was the absence of the Start menu, which in turn made the operating system difficult to use. Studies show that most of the users who upgraded from Windows XP chose Windows 7 than the latest Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Keep in mind that Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 would receive support from Microsoft until 2023, while the support date for Windows 7 ends by 2020.

Another interesting fact is the number of downloads of third party Start menu programs by users after a Windows 8 transfer. One of the major third party Start menu programs is Start8. It was first released in January 2013 and since then more than 3 million programs were downloaded. This shows the interest of users in the Start menu. Keep in mind that there are third party Start menu tools like Start Menu Reviewer, Pokki, Classic Shell, Start Menu 8 etc. in the market. The combined number of downloads of all these programs is about 10.6 million.

Let us hope that Microsoft does not exclude Start menu at least from the upcoming operating system Windows 9, as this could mean that more users might still stay with their Windows 7 OS rather than making an upgrade.
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