Steps To Uninstall Ask Toolbar From Windows XP And Vista

Ask toolbar is type of browser add-on, which helps a user get access to the functions served by the Ask toolbar like Ask Search. These toolbars may be necessary since they help in easy navigation but sometimes, they can become big nuisances, since they eat much of your system resources. It is here where the importance of Ask toolbar removal comes in to play. Well, given below are some easy instructions that will help you to uninstall Ask toolbar from your Windows XP and Vista computers.

Removing from Windows XP
  • If any web browser is open in your system, then you need to close it.
  • Now you need to navigate to the Windows Start button seen at the lower left corner of your Windows taskbar and click it. This will open the Windows Start menu and from it, you need to click the option labeled Control Panel.
  • From the Control Panel window, you need to click the option named Add/remove programs.
  • This will open up a window showing all the list of programs installed. From the list, find out the one that has an Ask logo and click it.
  • Now from the option, click the option labeled Change/Remove.
 This will help you to uninstall Ask toolbar from your Windows XP computer.

Removing from Windows Vista
  • Start the process by closing all the internet browsers open in your computer.
  • Now move your mouse pointer towards the bottom left corner and click the button called Start. This will show up a Windows Start menu on your screen. From the Windows Start menu, you need to click the option named Control Panel.
  • Next, you need to select the option labeled Uninstall a program that is seen under the icon labeled Programs.
  • From the list of programs installed in your Windows Vista computer, you need to click the one labeled Ask. Now from the available options, you need to click Uninstall. To remove the toolbar, click the button called Continue
Another way of uninstalling Ask toolbar from your system is by running a software program like Perfect Uninstaller, which is a utility program that is designed to remove the unwanted add-ons and left over programs. Moreover, using this software will help to clean the files of the uninstalled program from your computer registry.

These Ask toolbar removal instructions will help you to uninstall Ask toolbar from your Windows XP and Windows Vista computers. 
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