Microsoft Spends $150mn On Wearable Computing Technology

A huge amount, as much as 150 million dollars, has been spent by Microsoft on buying IP or Intellectual Property assets from ODG alias Osterhout Design Group. The ODG is a company that has been developing wearable devices, which is not very famous among all. Negotiations for this purchase had started back in the year 2013 during the month of September and the deal closed during the same year in the month of November. However, the actual transfer of patent happened only in the year 2014 during the month of January.

Since ODG maintained a low profile, not all know what ODG is or what it does; it is not that famous among the masses, since its primary customer was the US government itself. They are new to commercializing their technology. You can find these details about the IP assets acquired by Microsoft from the Microsoft chat support page.

A total number of 81 patents are being acquired by Microsoft, of which 75 are in progress and six are just issued patents. One among the patents is the near-eye display and see-through glasses, similar to the glasses from Google, with sensors that would modify the way in which the video displays.

As in every case, when a giant organization like Microsoft spends huge amounts on acquiring things, loose talks and speculations are expected. Various speculations are running around, about what Microsoft could possibly do with all the IP assets acquired, head-borne computers and the augmented reality. One of the top assumptions made is that MS would start producing wearable technology that would go with the famous Xbox device for both entertainment and gaming.

Many speculations are doing the rounds regarding Xbox gaming device, which suggest that they might not be just gaming devices any more. Chances are that Microsoft’s Xbox would not only be used for gaming but also to access other media that can be accessed with the help of the intellectual property assets acquired off late.

There is a possibility that Microsoft might follow the same steps as others do, safe guarding their own products and then later taking the upper hand of the royalties of other products.

Since this is the very first time that ODG is directly getting in touch with the consumer market. It was said that ODG had approached many other organizations as well apart from Microsoft in order to commercialize its products and technology. You can get to know all details about this speculation in the Microsoft chat support page.
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