Microsoft Makes Kinect Optional, Cuts Down Xbox One Price

The announcement Microsoft made a few weeks ago on its Microsoft support page regarding the dropping of Kinect Device for Xbox One gaming console has surprised many. However, the announcement was good news for those folks who were planning to buy the latest Microsoft gaming console as it is available now at just $399. Interestingly, Sony sells its latest gaming console PS4 also at $399. Hence, the tech world is expecting a severe competition between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the coming days.

Why stop providing Kinect?

Although Microsoft has stopped selling Kinect now along with Xbox One, it does not mean that it was not a big success with the gaming console. In fact, Microsoft has more plans for their Kinect device in the future. It will continue supporting it. However, it is option for users to buy Kinect when they buy Xbox One. Microsoft adds that there are many games that users can play without Kinect. If users are looking forward to playing most advanced games that require Kinect sensor support, then they ought to make sure that they buy it along with the console. Conversely, if they don’t intend to play such games but only the popular video games, then they can skip Kinect and thus make the purchase more affordable. Xbox One with Kinect is priced at $499.

Can Kinect be purchased later on?

If you realize that you should buy Kinect after some days of using Xbox One without it, you can purchase it from the retail shop where you bought your gaming console or from any other Microsoft retail outlets. Most probably, you are likely to get it for around $100. In a latest statement, Microsoft said that its decision to make Kinect optional while buying Xbox One was to help average gamers with a small budget to spend for a gaming console. It is reported that the demand for Xbox One has increased after the tech giant made Kinect optional and cut down the price to $399. Obviously, the decision has led to severe competition with Sony PS4 and the customers are happy.

Users can find out more about the games that can be played without the Kinect sensor from Microsoft support page. The page also has a list of games that require Kinect support.
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