Guidelines to get rid of Read Only Attribute in Windows XP

You can alter the attribute settings and properties of all the files in the Windows operating systems by turning off the “Read Only” attribute. This attribute hinders the modifications of specific folders in Windows operating systems. Normally users find it thorny to modify or alter the read only attribute of certain folders by altering the settings in the properties box. More often than not error messages crop up when tried to modify attributes of a few folders. During such complicated situations you can go for the “Use the attribute command at a command prompt to view or to remove the read only or the system attributes of folders” option developed by the Microsoft Windows XP support wing. This feature will resolve the issues regarding modifications of the attributes; just follow these steps to get away from read only attribute.
Follow these steps…
Go to the desktop and hunt for a tab named “Start”, normally located on the bottom left corner of your desktop. Select the “Run” tab from the menu that pope up when clicked on “Start” button and type in “cmd” in that box. Once you have typed in “cmd”, follow it by hitting the “Enter” button on your keyboard. This will crop up the Command Prompt window.
Type In “attrib/?” in the command prompt, this will result in displaying all the relevant information’s regarding the attributes of a particular file or folder.
Now type in “attrib-r+sdrive: \ :\<path>\<foldername>" in the command prompt window to get rid of the read only attribute and to reinstate the default system attribute.
See for example if you are facing errors regarding a file or folder in the C folder then type in “attrib – r+s c:\test” to reinstate the basic default attributes of the system. This fix will see through the difficulties in confiscating the read only attribute. Microsoft Windows XP support team took all the initiatives to find a solution for eliminating the read only attribute for the files and folder. In fact its quiet natural that it’s far more difficult to users with poor computer knowledge. These people will find it difficult to follow the technical terms. Microsoft has an enhanced customer relation, so just drop a line to the Microsoft tech support team via internet or telephone to fix your issues.

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