Procedure To Completely Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar From Firefox

Yahoo toolbar can be defined as a browser add-on that promises a sophisticated browsing experience to the users. This is done by allowing quick searches and having quick links to various social networking sites and the users’ email. The users can easily receive Yahoo mail alerts, save online bookmarks, quickly access Yahoo search and also get RSS feeds on their Yahoo page. Although this is a legitimate browser, many users download it accidentally while downloading and installing certain freeware software.

The most irritating aspect of Yahoo toolbar is that it replaces the users’ default web browser with Yahoo. Due to this, most users prefer deleting the toolbar from their browsers. Although it sounds easy, removing the Yahoo toolbar can become a tedious task if you don’t know the correct procedure. Although you can contact the Windows tech support team anytime to know how to remove toolbars, you can also perform it all by yourself.

The following instructions can help you to remove Yahoo toolbar from your Mozilla Firefox browser.

Using the Uninstall menu command
  • This is the simplest method to remove Yahoo toolbar from your Firefox browser. There is an uninstall tool available in the tool itself, which you can use for the purpose. For this, check the Yahoo toolbar and click on the Pencil icon to display the Pencil menu. Now, you need to click on the Uninstall menu command.
  • In the next step, you can enter your feedback about Yahoo toolbar and why you are uninstalling it. After typing in the reason, you can choose the Uninstall option again.
  • Once you’re done, you can restart the Firefox browser window.
Using the Firefox Extension Manager
  • In this method, you need to open the Firefox browser window and then click on the Tools menu. Now, choose the Extension menu command.
  • Now, you can scroll down the Extensions Manager window and find the Yahoo! Toolbar extension. As mentioned above, you can also contact the Windows tech support team anytime to know how to remove toolbars.
  • Next, you can click on the extension and select Uninstall. Now, open the Uninstall Yahoo! Toolbar window and click on OK.
  • In the final step, you need to exit the Extensions Manager window and then restart the Firefox browser.
These steps can help you to remove Yahoo toolbar from your Firefox browser. To get more assistance on the same, you may get in touch with our technical support team.
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