Cool Features Of The Windows 8 Operating System

We had been hearing about Windows 8 and its features years before its release. Finally, when the operating system was released to the public, many people were in search of steps on how to upgrade to Windows 8.
Many people who upgraded to Windows 8 were fascinated by the new interface of the operating system while many others were disappointed due to the absence of a few features. Now, before you make an upgrade to Windows 8, we will take you through some of the features of the operating system and some of its drawbacks.


Some of the cool features of the operating system are listed below.

New metro screen

Windows 8 has two interfaces. One is the traditional desktop interface and the second one is the metro interface. The metro interface of the operating system acts as the main interface, as all users are logged into this interface after the boot process.

Charm bar

With Windows 8, you might be a little confused about finding features like Settings. Microsoft has included a new drop down bar called Charm bar in the operating system, which drops down from the right corner of the screen when you place the mouse over the surface. Other inclusions in the Charm bar are the buttons for Share, Devices, Search etc.

New task manager

The task manager program in the operating system has many changes, with the inclusion of more tabs and more graphical contents.


The Start screen of the operating system has many apps included.

Windows Store

As the operating system is capable of running apps, the inclusion of Windows Store was inevitable. You can navigate to the Windows Store to update or download new apps.


Some of the drawbacks of Windows 8, which has pulled back many customers from making an upgrade, are listed below.

No Start button

The Start button, which we have all used extensively in other Windows operating systems, is absent in Windows 8.

No boot to desktop

Windows 8 does not permit the user to make a choice between the desktop interface and Start screen to boot. You can boot only to the Start screen in the operating system and this has been a cause of annoyance for many users.

These are some of the features and drawbacks of Windows 8 operating system. For further assistance on how to upgrade to Windows 8 or to find out its features, you may contact our technical support team. 
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