The SharePoint Applications Add On From Crow Canyon

Customer can easily make a ticket in SharePoint; in addition, conversion of mails to tickets and linking of emails to tickets using the Outlook ribbon is possible due to the Crow Canyon Plugin available for Microsoft Outlook. Easy installation of the plug-in is possible and after completion of the installation, a section of it is available in the Outlook ribbon.

This helps in easy and fast collaboration with SharePoint application during the use of Outlook. You can easily produce a new ticket with the use of the plug-in in SharePoint. The plugin can also be used to convert a mail into a brand new ticket.

Linking of a mail with a ticket that is already present is possible with the plug-in. The Link Email To Ticket button can be used once the mail available in the inbox is chosen and the required ticket that needs to be linked is selected. The mail then turns out to be an element of the ticket’s email history.

A few main important features of the plugin are mentioned below.

Create a ticket

Using Microsoft Outlook, users can easily produce tickets.

Convert an email to a ticket

Conversion of mails to tickets after selecting the required mails is possible.

Link email to a ticket

After choosing a mail available in the inbox, users can then link it with an already present ticket in SharePoint and therefore it happens to be a component of the ticket’s mail history and log.

Easy to Install

By using a simple setup file, the easy and quick installation of the plugin can be done.

Features available in customer support version

The above mentioned features and also the features that follow are available with the customer support version.

Convert Email to a Lead

After choosing a mail, it can be made to be the lead in the SharePoint’s Customer Management application.

Convert Email to a Contact

After choosing a mail, it can be converted into a contact in the SharePoint’s Customer Management application.

Link email to a Contact and Account linking of a mail to an account or contact and it turns out to be an element in SharePoint’s interaction history.

Customers may avail the services of Outlook help desk if assistance is required. There may be occasions where customers using Outlook may have doubts with the different plug-ins available in Outlook and thus customers should avail services from Outlook help desk for prompt assistance.
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