Google To End Its Support Google Apps On Vista

Google through its recent press release has reminded all its users about its product support policy. It is Google’s policy to wind down support for the third oldest version of any software when the new one hits the market. And, what this means to Windows Vista users is that Google is soon going to stop providing the support for Google Apps on Vista.

Google discontinuing support for Internet Explorer 9

To be specific Google is not discontinuing support for the Windows Vista OS, but for the Internet Explorer 9 browser. Microsoft has stopped releasing any new Internet Explorer versions for Windows Vista. The Windows Vista Help page online shows Internet Explorer 9 as the latest Windows Vista-compatible version of this popular application.

Though Microsoft two more versions came after Internet Explorer 9, they were both meant for Windows 7 and Windows 8 and were not Windows Vista-compatible. According to Google, with the release of the Internet Explorer version 11, IE 9 has become the third oldest version, and they would now stop supporting this browser.

This means all those Windows Vista users, who are using the Internet Explorer 9 browser, would no longer be able to access the latest updates and services from Google. Though this decision has been taken according to the already laid out product support policy, it actually benefits Google in the long run.

Google has not discontinued the support for their Chrome browser in Windows Vista. In fact, they even decided to extend the support for the browser in Windows XP OS. So, when the support for the Google Apps on Internet Explorer 9 ends, the Windows Vista users can switch to Google Chrome.

Microsoft support for Windows Vista

According to the Windows Vista Help page online, Microsoft mainstream support for Windows Vista ended on April 10, 2012. What the Vista users are getting now is the extended support from Microsoft. This means the Vista users would only receive essential security updates for the operating system. They may not receive any new software applications from Microsoft, if they choose not to provide it.

But, clearly, Microsoft should provide the latest version of the Internet Explorer to the Vista users if they do not want them to switch to Google Chrome. Vista still has three more years of extended support left. During this time, Microsoft should release the latest versions of at least the essential applications like the Internet Explorer browser for Windows Vista.
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