Steps To Fix Error Code 1603 In Your System

Windows Installer package is a set of software components developed by Microsoft that helps in the installation, maintenance as well as removal of software in your Windows computer. If you are using Windows XP computer, there are chances that you will get errors while installing a Windows Installer package in your system. Here, you would get the following error message: A Fatal Error Occurred During Installation.

According to technicians at the Microsoft problems and support chat number support, most of the times these errors occur when your SYSTEM account does not have Full Control permissions on the path where you want to install the Windows Installer package in your XP computer. According to the technicians, for repairing such an issue, you need to grant Full Control permissions to your SYSTEM account. You would also require administrative rights to perform the task of fixing this error message.

You can try the following instructions to fix error code 1603 before contacting technical support:
  • The primary step involves double-clicking on My Computer and then right-clicking the drive where you wish to install the Windows Installer package. Now, select the Properties option.
  • Now, click on the Security tab followed by the Add button. Now, you need to click on the SYSTEM option under Name and then click Add, followed by OK.
  • In the next step, you need to check the Allow option available next to Full Control, under the Permissions subheading. Now, click on Advanced.
  • If you are using Windows XP computer, you need to check the Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects option, and then click OK.
  • Now, if you are using other versions of Windows, you need to check the Reset permissions on all child objects and enable propagation of inheritable permissions option. Now, click OK. Meanwhile, you can at any time seek assistance from the technicians available at the Microsoft problems and support chat number support in fixing the errors.
  • Once you get a pop up message, click on the Yes option. Now, try installing the Windows Installer package that you were trying to install earlier in your computer.
By following these steps, you would be able to fix the error message in your Windows XP computer. However, if you are still getting the same errors in your computer, feel free to contact our technical support team.
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