Antivirus Software And Email

Viruses are the bane of every computer user. They are the problem that every computer user has to face and if he doesn’t take any precautions against viruses his computer would be plagued by many viruses which would leave the user at harm. A virus affected computer will try to steal your information and pass it on to people who would use your information to their personal gain. Viruses are transferred from one computer to another via email, pen-drives and other digital media. You can use Antivirus software to keep your computer from getting viruses. There are many Outlook problems and one of the major problems is viruses.

Many Antivirus software are capable of automatically scanning emails and messages when they reach your computer. These software’s can plug itself automatically into Outlook when you install it. Viruses spread from one computer to another via the internet and if you don’t have good protection against them they will definitely attack your system. As the days go by viruses get more and more effective by finding newer techniques to hide themselves in. The E-Mails that you have received might be from your close friend and it might have some image in it .When you open up the image code that is inside the image executes affecting your system. This email might not even have been sent by your friend.  It would’ve been sent by the virus. Now that it has attacked your system you will have sent emails with the same picture to all of your contacts and they might be affected too now. There are many Outlook problems caused due to viruses.

So for protection against all this you must use Antivirus software which would protect your computer against all kinds of viruses. There are many Antivirus software available online. Most of these software’s should be bought with a subscription plan  of a year or more. Getting a subscription allows you to get updates to that particular brand of antivirus for the subscribed period after which you will have to renew your subscription for continuous updates.

There are other antivirus software’s which are available for free. These are mostly trial versions and they expire after a certain time. Microsoft also offers an Antivirus program called Microsoft Security Essentials which provides good protection against viruses and other harmful elements that might affect your system.

If you have installed a specific antivirus software and you feel your system has been compromised by a virus, you must contact their support and get more information on how you can remove the virus from your system.
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