Ways To Configure Windows Update In Windows Vista Computer

Microsoft suggests users to perform Windows Update regularly so that your computer gets many important updates, patches and application fixes. These updates are really important for the stability and smooth functioning of your computer. Users can either perform a manual update or configure the computer to download updates automatically. Here is how you can perform Windows Update in Windows Vista computer. Follow the Windows Vista Help guidelines to perform the update.

Installing Windows Updates manually

Click on the Start button in the Windows taskbar. Select “All Programs” from the Start menu and then click on “Windows Update” from the sub menu.
You will now get the “Windows Update” window. From this window, click on the “Windows Update" tab. Locate the "Get updates for more products" button under this tab. The Windows Update service will now be launched on your computer screen. Follow the onscreen instructions on the Windows Update window to have Windows Vista check for available updates. If you haven’t done any recent updates, your system is sure going to take more time to complete the update. Windows will check for updates and will come up with necessary updates for your computer. Click “Yes” to install the updates onto your system.
After the updates are successfully installed in your computer, restart your system to take effect the changes.

Automatic installation of Windows Update

Click the Start button and select “All Programs”.
Click “Windows Update” from the popup menu.
Click on “Change Settings” tab in the Windows Update window.
Under this tab, you have the option for changing the settings for how Windows perform the update function. Locate the button for "Install updates automatically” and click on it.
Click on the "Install new updates" tab and further click the drop down menu to select the option “Every day”. Selecting this option will ensure that the Windows update is performed daily.
To the right of this drop down menu from where you selected “Every day”, you will see the drop down list to select a time to perform the Windows Update function.
Once you have set this configuration, click “OK” and close the window.
Windows Vista help is available for users in case they have problem with performing the update. Visit Microsoft Support Center to get more assistance and help.

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