How To Install Microsoft Security Updates

Safety and security concerns are alarmingly increasing in cyber world. Today’s computer systems are vulnerable to hackers and viruses that can steal and destroy our precious resources. Therefore being aware of such security concerns as well as adopting suitable methods of prevention of any such malicious activity is quite important. In this aspect, Microsoft has gone forward and advanced by releasing relevant security updates for their operating systems periodically. The security updates for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are well known and very efficient.
You can download and install these Microsoft security updates in your computer easily and this will prevent any possible malware infection on your system. In addition, they will ensure proper functioning of Windows as well. Regardless of the version of Windows operating system running on your computer, you will be able to install these security patches. Here, the following Microsoft support guidelines describe how to implement security updates in Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

In Windows XP

First, you should open the Internet Explorer browser and visit the Microsoft Security home page.
Then, you need to place the cursor over the Security Updates tab, which is in the middle of the page. Two options will appear under the tab.
You should click on the Get Updates option. Now the Microsoft Updates page opens.
Choose the Express button and this will initiate search for any available updates.
Then you have to click on the boxes for any available updates. You should select Install Updates. The Microsoft Security updates will be installed automatically.
Select the Restart Now option in the Restart dialog box if it opens. Otherwise, you should exit the Microsoft Update page.

In Windows Vista and Windows 7

After opening the Internet Explorer browser, you should go to the Microsoft Security homepage.
Keeping the cursor on the Security Updates tab, you can access the Get Updates option.
Then you have to click on the box next to any recommended Microsoft updates. Choose OK at the bottom of the window.
You need to select the Install Updates button. The Microsoft Security updates will be downloaded and installed.
Once the updates have been installed, you should re-start the system.
To get advanced help in this regard, you can go to online Microsoft Support centers, where quick professional assistance is available. Once security updates are updated, Windows will work properly and safely.

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