How To Identify Windows Vista Error Codes

Error codes are numbers, letters, or number/letter combinations related to error messages that are specifically used to recognize issues in Windows and other programs. Windows operating systems use a system of digits and numbers to classify the errors your system may encounter while working. Microsoft provides access to this information and is effective in diagnosing the problems. In case the error message does not furnish the entire information, you need to search for the error code online, by seeking Windows online assistance. If this is also not working, move on to the next step, and search for Windows news groups and communities. You can also look into the error codes online in the Events and Errors message center.
In case you face any issue within the error codes, you can get the aid of Microsoft tech support utility to fix the problems at the earliest.

How to view error event logs?

Navigate to the bottom left hand side corner of the screen and locate the Start button. Click Start and go to Control panel, then System and maintenance, and then Administrative Tools. Launch the Event viewer by clicking twice over it.
In the left hand side window, double click on Applications and services log; go to the program that showed the error message.
Click twice over an event to view the description.


According to Microsoft support utility, the error code 0X0 is designed to let you know if your installation procedures have completed successfully. In case you find that the installation does not automatically continue, you can repair this problem by restarting the computer.

Probable Causes

Error codes ending with 0 or 1 are usually system errors for which Windows has not specifically identified the cause. In almost all cases, these errors are caused by either hardware malfunctioning or because it is not working in its full capacity. While doing a Windows upgrade, the installation will not move on further, in case the system detects hardware malfunctioning.

Common Solutions

If errors that contain the 0X0 have caused your system to stop functioning correctly, you need to run the hardware diagnostic tool provided by your PC manufacturer. This is used to verify hardware like RAM.
If the system detects no error and the problem persists, you can contact the Microsoft tech support to get immediate fix for the issues encountered.

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